How to check the quality of a good used saddle ?

Our animals are our most trustful companions, they are lovely and always present when we need them. Having a pet or any kind of domestic animal bring joy, warmth and a certain occupation at home. That’s why it’s our responsibility to take care of them, protect them, nurture them and show them they are part of us. It’s essential to make your horse or your pony totally at easy while you doing a ride. A good quality of saddle is unavoidable for your comfort and your horse’s comfort. Buying a new or used saddle will require a sharp inspection. Every single detail should be taken into account. However, always ask if you can at least make a ride test with it before you start negociations.

First, you will have to check the seat size of the saddle. If you buying an english saddle, measure the seat from the back of the cantle to the pommel. Western saddles, on the other side, are measured from the back of the cantle to the horn. The saddle size must be in perfect cohesion with your horse’s size and morphology to procure both of you a comfortable ride.

Then you should take a look at the tree. An used saddle could have a cracked or broken tree. A saddle without a good tree is useless and can hurt your horse’s back. Inspect the tree in its every single side, check it down, over and around and check if the shape is always maintained despite movements. If you detect no anomaly, the shape is correct.

You should also inspect the saddle from to to bottom to ensure that its leather is not worn. In fact, an used saddle can show signs of wear due to its utilization. Check entirely the used saddles for sale, see if it’s not showing stains, check if it’s not cracked or rubbed. Verify stitches and buckles, make sure they are in place and operational.

The best leather saddles around

The best leather saddles around
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