The safety and comfort of your horse must be the priority

Before riding, be aware that there are basic elements that will help you ride without problems. The key is to focus on the necessary and essential. In this way, we will avoid unnecessary expenses for items that only professionals use.

Safety tips in an equestrian

If you choose to ride, you must keep in mind that you must follow a basic training to prevent problems.

The use of shoes or other footwear is not practical. The boots are essential for riding. These will give you security and comfort. Whether long legs or leggings, this type of footwear should be a priority.

Although they are not as important as the boots if you plan to ride, you must think about your comfort. What is important is that they are strong and resistant to prevent irritation.

A vest goes beyond style and comfort. This element helps correct posture while driving. This without neglecting the security it offers in the event of accident or fall.

This is perhaps the most important element next to the vest. It must conform to the standard, and its use is mandatory in all equestrian centers, clubs or recreations.

Your hands and feet should always be protected. You must use them to avoid friction, injuries or just to protect you from the cold.

Make sure the antares saddles is well positioned and tightened. You must be very careful not to hurt the animal and not put uncomfortably. If you do it right, the horse will work better because your weight is evenly distributed. Indeed, waste stools are always effective as the new seat in any activity.

One last tip is to meet your horse. The horses, even if you have domesticated and trained, are wild by nature. Link with the animal you will feel secure with your presence.

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